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Health property manages luck company
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Health property manages luck companyIt is triumphal oil management board is gotten the better of east the administration of a property of community management center, held water on November 28, 1997. Limits of area under administration east case wide south reservoir on the west levee, come on the west too travel hill road, 4 trunk canal have south, north comes heart city district, gross area is 392.36 square kilometer, it is management board administer the community with the largest area. Dweller 24 thousand, living population 80 thousand much person, residential gross area 170 much square metre, heating area 2.3 million square metre. Company of health property management has luck be in 3696 people of worker, 3100 people of on guard worker, 596 people of worker are removed inside. Have personnel of of all kinds and professional technology 1483 people, among them the 149 people of advanced technology title, the 596 people of intermediate technology title. Have a Party member 1275 people. The company sets an auxiliary unit handling level, unit of 20 3 class (include school of 9 families grade and hospital) , unit of level of family of 9 directly under; Mechanism sets 15 function section office. Property system has property management company 4, village of condominium manage residence 24, demonstrative village of class of its China home 2, provincial and outstanding village 10, bureau class is outstanding village 7. Educational system has middle and primary school 13 place, nursery school 16, in school student, cheeper nearly 11000 people, among them oil field 3 in for provincial standardization school, oil field 4 medium, oil field 5 medium, get the better of east one small, get the better of east 2 small for school of bureau class standardization, laborious promotes Kang Yiyou of nursery school, luck to be provincial demonstrative nursery school, dragon pool nursery school, luck is amounted to one young, luck is amounted to 5 young for bureau grade demonstrative nursery school. Wholesome system has one class hospital 1, hospital 3, wholesome place 16, clinic 4, medical instrument station and sanitation and antiepideic station each 1. Company of health property management has luck fixed assets is worth three hundred and forty-seven million five hundred and ten thousand yuan formerly, net value two hundred and ninety-three million eight hundred and thirty thousand yuan; Indebted rate is asset 39.27 % . Company reform adds development vigor.
Increase mechanism to reform strength, increase capacity of Wu of office director, harmonious kimono, serve function of diversified economy division and energy-saving function company and look forward to of put under of heating power group to run contract division by labor respectively; life company responsible civil air safety runs division of security of motor-driven of function put under. Push moving mechanism reform, disclose the charge that can disclose to basic level, to contracting the charge inside right of administration, managing lawfully, do not disobey management board and company to fall about the premise of policy, own arrangement is used, accomplish duty, photograph of authority, benefit is unified, built the right and responsibility semmetry, tie and unlock appropriate new moving mechanism. Do very internal assignment system to spend reform, the new case new issue that in handling very internal assignment system to spend reform to work, appears, make sure hillock effect firewood nods pay system to be in of community carry out smoothly. Begin “ to learn a skill, get activity of ” of business, experienced competence, strong quality, hold community contest of skill of profession of the first worker. Interior management rose economic benefits.
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