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Property of Shijiazhuang sea charm runs limited company
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Property of Shijiazhuang sea charm runs limited companyCompany brief introduction

Limited company of management of property of Shijiazhuang sea charm is serve those who be core business to specialization with property management property management company. The company is established 2005, register capital RMB 500 thousand yuan, property aptitude is 3 class, it is the has independent corporate organization company that with developing property management reachs relevant industry one to give priority to. The company carries out “ to be the human nature of close affection type of this ” to change administrative pattern with the person, absorbed the property management experience with advanced course of study of person of the same trade, the expectation that the client that surmounts us in order to last rises ceaselessly is a target. The company undertakes all sorts of grooming to employee continuously, the property that already owned much name to build a ministry to issue manages company director and administrator. The company guides actively ISO9001 quality certification system, the company ministry of departmental door, project brings into a system to change, the program is changed, science is changed, the orbit of standardization, close quality runs a system, the high speed in making sure the company is pursueing benefit and value course develops.
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