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Property of trade of Shenzhen city nation runs limited company
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Property of trade of Shenzhen city nation runs limited company

Limited company of management of property of trade of Shenzhen city nation manages aptitude for national property one stage business, property of Shenzhen city first class runs a company.

1984, layer of the first freeboard is built, edifice of 53 Shenzhen nation trade towers aloft China earth, person of special zone property by " dare enter, dare work, dare be the world first " spirit, to world declare China property of layer of the first freeboard runs a company -- country of trade property hold water. "3 days of one layer building " what become reforming and opening on behalf of Shenzhen speed is indicative; Special zone the first " civilized edifice " recieve and had served 320 national leader and famous international friend, become be famous in global " China first floor " , figure ground showed the top level that building of our country high level and its property run at that time, more tell about a country to common people the brilliant course that trade property grows.

Arrive from blank imitate, from imitate be unique in one's style, a few appear on the stage rank, the tough effort that trade property passes the nation ten years, take the lead in establish property management socialization, specializationed management system, be opposite in property government practice first floor space equipment and build safety of thing government, accessary establishment management, fire control, clean afforest, financial management and property the exploration that the respect such as public concern undertook systematization and innovation write book end to say. The company passed double attestation of home of ISO9002 quality system, international first times in the whole nation 1997, realized pattern of as advanced as international management to conform; Of the same age will become the company that to first acquisition property of Shenzhen city first class runs intelligence letter in November. Meanwhile, trade property walks out of the country the first times Shenzhen, march western, force develop market, established property of trade of Chongqing difficult nation to run limited company early or late (Chongqing) of first company of one class aptitude, property of trade of Chengdu difficult nation runs limited company, already formed brand effect in place, get the show appreciation for sb of all circles and recognition. Garrisoned again 2001 earth of metropolis of county of the name austral mountain, Central Plains, Qi Lu, Yan Zhaozhi, take over benefit city in succession Lou Panzhi of 10 big star the commercial building of one -- drive Tian Mingyuan, zhengzhou village of type of the first large-scale independent court -- " the home and all ages " the first business stays in garden, Jinan edifice -- square of times of wind of country of Dan of edifice of business affairs of fontal city Jia Heng, Han, spread out property management job smoothly. Take-overed 2002 Jinan mark sex builds galactic mansion, enter Nanjing market successfully, carried on the property government adviser of new city square serves. Carried on successfully again 2003 the advisory servive routine of square of Zhengzhou new scope of operation, the property of village of Hua Zhenping orchard manages dragon, shandong saves the unifinication property government of audit office office building. The market of difficult nation trade extended Chongqing to also gain the success that makes a person delectable, the area that providing at present already exceeded 2.2 million square metre, be in again Chongqing municipal government is large residential village " day one new city " mark of property management contest is met (88 pieces of owner are voting obtain 66 pieces) , university of medical service of army of pass an imperial examination is dialed so that the head prepares in the project contend of new bridge hospital accessorily, happy event reap double bumper harvest.
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