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Property of Guangzhou wide report runs limited company
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Property of Guangzhou wide report runs limited company

Limited company of management of property of Guangzhou wide report is subject Guangzhou radio group, it is to have independent corporate organization and one of company of management of property of People's Republic of China what culture of structure of processing of class aptitude, contemporary company, individual business and science run a mechanism is new-style commercialize specialization property management company, it is province of unit of academician of Chinese property management, Guangdong property of city of standing director member, Guangzhou runs property government institute property of area of standing director member, the Milky way runs association association is standing vice-president and academician of Guangzhou environmental sanitation, it is Guangzhou city through ISO9001 new edition quality runs system and system of ISO14001 environmental protection first the property management company of double attestation.

Limited company of management of property of Guangzhou wide report is the witness person that industry of Chinese property government grows to innovate with management and participator. In old major property management carries out a process in, try to gain of wide report property is Euramerican the cream that property of the type that reach harbor administers, the marrow of culture of the people's livelihood of China of deep know well, theory of government of will contemporary property and photograph of practice of Chinese property industry are united in wedlock, heavy actual, be apt to innovates, ceaseless exploration reflects the property of characteristic of Chinese people culture to manage new pattern, ceaseless and ecbolic property manages industry new concept, add the content of science and technology that property management pattern runs and intelligent content ceaselessly, the nation that devotes oneself to Chinese property to run way is changed, modern, human nature is changed and vogue is changed. Wide report property is good at the element such as attribute of the building character according to property, situation, nature and humanitarian environment, client, for serves property close-fitting clipping contrives appropriate administrative pattern, if be the official business that governmental sex property contrives,chamberlain type property runs the pattern of management of complementary manage property, star course that contrives for exalted residence the property of mode, white-collar secretary formula that contrives for office building manages mode, the property of business affairs straight be open to traffic that contrives for commercial square manages mode, the poineering platform property that contrives for industrial garden area manages mode, the property of system of job responsibility that area is in charge of manages mode, make all sorts of functions are able to develop property to the top of one's bent, make the client all enjoys the advantage of the service, get of owner, client and society, industry reputably.
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