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3 former property of Guangzhou city run limited company
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Our company establish silt in October 1992, register capital to be 30 million yuan of RMBs, up to now capital total is amounted to 100 million multivariate, it is ancient country enterprise of aptitude of one class property. The company became Guangzhou city property to run association director unit 1995, became Beijing to unit of property management academician and Chinese property run academician unit and be judged to be 2002 year by institute of government of Guangzhou city property 2000 advanced unit, became countrywide property to run association director unit 2004.

My company serves process quality stability, silt July 1998 according to GB/T19002-1994 Idt ISO9002:1994 international quality makes sure mode standard built a company to provide the quality guarantee system of the service.

Our company adopt the world's advanced management method, the village of garden of Beijing clear Zhi that take-over is judged to be Beijing building of 10 big star dish, gold community, integrated processing is achieved bring advanced unit, consumptive dimension authority is advanced unit, wholesome and advanced unit. The each capital Lou Jun that take-over is judged to be city advanced unit, without unit of security of case of administration of a criminal.

Agog fact lets the place that our company serve a concept to put owner in the first to think the place of owner thinks urgent owner with factitious Ben Yongyuan you feel astral class serves.

Through extending group ensemble the member reachs the joint efforts of company leaders of all levels, the company extends a project to receive happy event again and again. We take-overed at will succeeding on October 30 building of office of Guangzhou admiralty courtyard, this project floor area is 3980 square metre, by praise the day-to-day management that office of city center government is in charge of this project works; Subsequently, we won the bid at will succeeding again on December 18 the property management that Chinese mobile whole world tells an edifice to add a floor serves an item, the total floor area of this project is 10789 square metre, the day-to-day management that is in charge of this project by office of far east government at present works.

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