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Property of Shenzhen the Christian era runs a company
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Property of the Christian era of Shenzhen of company of management of property of Shenzhen the Christian era manages what the company serves as independence to specialization, commercialize property management to serve trader, have quality of experience of department of body of high-class other people, top-ranking professional, top-ranking project and ISO9001 / 14001 environments double attestation, with " the good chamberlain of door of course of study, good helper that develops business " for professional target, make work meticulously concentrated model the management in the industry is concentrated model enterprise, the integrated competition advantage of the be far ahead in seeking property government market.

The property of the Christian era of sincere letter. Property of the Christian era values the client's trust, go satisfying service requirement of the client with the state of mind of active enthusiasm; Send the service of sincere letter and client from inner recognition, inspect a company to expand the firmest base.

Property of professional the Christian era. Height of property of the Christian era takes seriously and study demand of door of course of study continuously, with team of specializationed work flow, talent and information platform, offer the content that top-ranking sex price compares inside the industry to provide a service for client of countrywide each district.

The property of the Christian era of enterprising. Property of the Christian era is in dimensions of area of project amount, service, talent, economic benefits carrying the growing rate with top-ranking industry; The company culture that does not satisfy absolutely drives management thought and service government technological process to upgrade ceaselessly in be improved continuously.

Business connection means Road of cropland of profit of division of cropland of blessing of city of Shenzhen of address of connection of Market@gywygl.com of mailbox of electron of 0755-83864577 of fax of 0755-83865935 of phone of contact Miao Ze Song 3008 emperor square can exhibit times center each district of whole nation of area of 7 buildings business