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Beijing 100 million exhibit property management limited company
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Beijing 100 million exhibit Beijing of property management limited company 100 million exhibit property management limited company to held water 2001, register fund 5.08 million yuan of RMBs, it is to have the national property of independent corporate organization to run company of 2 class aptitude.
Since the company holds water oneself, raised high level, strict requirement, continuously the development direction of the strategy of development, executive brand, route that takes high-quality goods, day-to-day management executes the enterprise modernization management pattern, the administration appears a setting: Office of government of home of strong and pervasive fragrance of office of government of apartment of undergraduate of integrated ministry, financial department, character ministry, market department, ZhongGuanCun, scene, 100 benefit collect building materials city to run country of place, China museum government office, small battalion east 2 courtyards management handles the way.
The company has stuff 346 people, among them administrator 70 people; Above of big, technical secondary school learns the 60 people of all previous; In be being obtained among them, personnel of advanced technology title occupies the 70% above that run a team. Companion increases ceaselessly as what managing a project, the company inducted a batch of practice early or late seasoned, have innovation mind, had sufferred good property to administrative major grooms and have service consciousness, red-blooded professional personage joins in.
The company is paid attention to shape the company culture that suits with oneself dimensions photograph, while attention talent individual character is developed, emphasize the importance of group efforts more. The company abides by " can person on, the principle of choose and employ persons of appoint people by abilities of the " below the person that need, arouse the enthusiasm of employee, develop continuously for the company provided safeguard.
The company guides in time quality certification system of 2000 edition ISO9001, decided the human nature that is a center with the client changes property management pattern, the company ministry of departmental door, project brings into a system to change, the program is changed, science is changed, the orbit of standardization. Close quality runs a system, the high speed in making sure the company is pursueing benefit and value course develops
The company uses capital operation, force achieves the science that him brand serves to manage a resort, rely on benign enterprise mechanism and fresh company culture, strive to make an item, achieve a high-quality goods, provide more perfect professional service for different client.
"Show loving care for sincerely, respect course of study to be in charge of, deal with concrete matters relating to work is efficient, the service concept of cooperative enterprising " is to assure the 100 million keys that exhibit property to offer top-ranking property management to standardize a service for the client.
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