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Zhengzhou inferior new property manages limited company brief introduction
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Zhengzhou inferior new property manages limited company brief introduction

Zhengzhou inferior limited company of new property management held water 1999, register capital to be a RMB 510 thousand yuan, 3 class property runs aptitude company, zhengzhou city property and unit of estate association director, chamber of commerce of Henan province property is standing director unit.

The company has employee to make an appointment with 200 more than person, have first, the administrative key member of medium, advanced title makes an appointment with 50 people, property management area 30 much square metre, village of residence of scope of business, large office building.

The company is held to " inferior it is you newly to create good life " business purpose, advocate " genuine service, constantly everywhere... " service concept. In exploration of nearly 10 years and practice, initiate " Home Xiaoguan " property management pattern, for property management the development of the industry made outstanding contribution. The property project of place management many be judged to be by country, province, city " set an example living village " , " civilized community " , " gardens type living area " , " improve a person to rank an environment advanced community " wait for honor.

The company managed systematic attestation through ISO9001 quality 2003; Guide image of executive VI company and brand weigh model strategy in the round; Pass practice and academic summary, become one of companies that standard management and actual strength have most inside the industry. Be judged to be by province, city for many times " property runs advanced unit " , " consumer letter gets Guo Chengxin unit " .

The company will insist to be a foundation with property management, carry out " brand, dimensions, property runs high additional cost " management development strategy, promote company competition ability, group cohesive affinity and owner centripetal force ceaselessly, become area property to run an industry lead company.
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