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Property of Heibei Xin grand runs limited company
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Property of Heibei Xin grand runs limited company

Enterprise of the first part reachs qualificatory situation from the quality of personnel of course of study

One, company introduction

Property of Heibei Xin grand manages limited company to held water in April 2005, register fund 500 thousand yuan, run company of 3 class aptitude for national property.

Limited company of management of Xin grand property is opposite " center of China business affairs " the experience of administrative service success with old project and in commercializing demand bearing to be united in wedlock, obtained " 2006, city property manages 2007 year Shijiazhuang outstanding edifice " title, govern quality through raising oneself, seek perfect service, the serves to property and hotel demand that surpasses broad client to grow increasingly ceaselessly, already formed inside domain of Shijiazhuang area property " Xin grand " government serves a brand.

Company scope of business includes:

F property manages: In of high-grade property project trust management, accredit management, adviser management.

F property management seeks advice

Development of F property project seeks advice, plan

F property administrator grooms
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