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Shenzhen city opens yuan of international property to run limited company
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Shenzhen city opens yuan of international property to run limited company

The mode of the enterprise

Open yuan of international to execute property of ” of “ east chamberlain to serve mode. This mode has 3 intention, namely battalion of fine end of accurate management, delicate service, essence. It is the brand that property of the sea in once was creates a group to the accurate management of property, if at the whole nation the first passed ISO9002 1996: Attestation of guarantee system of 1994 international quality, up to now still by continue to use and popularize at whole industry. Open yuan of international derive in the elite of sea management pattern, go up in management not only more accurate, excellent, created new connotation again, the service that emphasized pair of owner and economy of home of the director that it is course of study.

At the beginning of 2003, opened yuan of international to put forward “ property service to talk ” , executed mode of ” of “ property service center, the thing that makes home transform the earliest thoroughly to the service from management runs a company. Above all, establish develop way in order to serve professional melt into, made rigid administrative system be fulfilled with making sure the service that provides inside community is active. Next, ran flow respect to undertake all-around system innovates from the service. The 3rd, the identifying that from the service content respect undertakes having choosing and introduce, make service center already integrated the resource of property company, also make the compositive trade of social natural resources.

Open yuan of international to be paid attention to very manage, ” of “ east chamberlain adopts scientific management strategy, make the life of owner delicate, elegant and comfortable, make the belongings of owner keeps a cost continuously, appreciate. Management community asset, make the mutual property value of owner the biggest change; Management community brand, promote the life of owner living environment grade; Via ” of asset of battalion owner “ , provide service of chamberlain conduct financial transactions for owner; Management owner lives, round the chamberlain dream of each family.

Open yuan of international group and in the origin with sea deep property, make means of our company culture, service and work habit, maintain the style of property of the sea in the move, the sea rich garden that we run a service now, associate the project such as a small room of center of research and development, elegant a person of extraordinary powers, be in in those days in sea under one's name, the owner of these villages has to our recognition now add, special self-identity, think yuan of international the students surpasses the teacher and excel blue.
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