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Shenzhen city installs mansion property to run limited company
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Shenzhen city installs mansion property to manage city of limited company Shenzhen to install mansion property to run limited company is the senior property that has experience of work of industry of more than 10 years of property government by a batch the professional property management of administrative division and composition of property administration expert serves trader, the company has standard of a management, seasoned, service the property of deal with concrete matters relating to work of admirable, diligent and conscientious, high level, strict requirement runs elite group, property management and type of service are varied, include property to entrust management, adviser management, plan completely, groom reach public security, afforest, security personnel, Bao Jie service, maintenance service, horticultural service, homemaking service, business affairs service, property seeks advice etc. Our company are in long-term property servive routine, act on " serve a building dish, create a high-quality goods " service tenet, of the environment that pays attention to a service project and area particularly and community culture and company culture build, pay attention to the choose of all sorts of talents and education, pay attention to company staff grow and progress; Inspect a client to be life, inspect employee to be the first fortune, from the a bit the service sees the real situation, create value with all possible means to develop business, owner, society and company staff and realize harmonious win-win.
Since the company holds water, the company deepens reform ceaselessly, development innovation, hold to with " scientific and normative management, serve for you wholeheartedly, improve innovation continuously, seek client satisfaction, genuine and long-term cooperation " for quality guiding principle, build property management and day mufti Wu meticulously ' 7 hearts ' project, " set one's mind at, be at ease, happy, Shu Xin, gratified, save worry, Wen Xin " , company brand and benefit increasingly protruding shows, present a vibrant good progress impetus.
My company carries out a client to serve satisfactory strategy energetically since hold water, customer satisfaction is the only standard that our industry survives and develops and motivation, we are hour the center with owner, esteem, understanding, care, have deep love for and be kind to every owner, improve our service continuously, surpass the expectation that owner rises ceaselessly, offer for all owner " hotel type " and " one-stop " exalted service, the height that realizes owner is satisfactory.
Company pioneer property manages " 5 syncretic " manage mode, namely " specialization change with intelligence " be united in wedlock, "Standardization and individuation " be united in wedlock, "The system is changed change with human nature " be united in wedlock, "Flow is changed refine photograph union with essence of life " , "Residential type and hotel type " the administrative pattern that is united in wedlock, the village of place management is judged to be " village of Shenzhen town fine house " and " example of safe and civilized village " , "Village of residence of garden type, gardens type " wait for honorary title. Henceforth, company of the property that bring a tall building will with its strong base, the spirit of deal with concrete matters relating to work, ceaseless enterprising and extend business external, advance towards better prospective stride.
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