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Developers and property owners of the company for incitement to kill activist
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Positive rights as property owners, developers and property companies had to charge its "lessons" the idea of a meal, then the owners hired thugs to death with a steel pipe and seriously wounded. Xi'an Intermediate People's Court on 16 cases with intentional injury to a first instance verdict, the owners of the West An Wanjiang incitement to kill the artist community of developers and property companies charge Teng Lin, Shao-Hua Wang was sentenced to death. It is understood, Xi'an Intermediate People's Court found, the West An Wanjiang artists from Shaanxi million strong community home development limited liability company, after the Shaanxi Xing Qiang Property Services Ltd, property management. Community owners of Building 2, Room 222, Ming Wei couple left after the arrival, in order to safeguard the common interests of residential property owners involved in the preparatory activities of the owners committee, caused a strong home Shaanxi million limited liability company chairman Teng Lin and Xing Qiang property manager Wang Shaohua dissatisfaction, the desire to retaliate. April 22, 2009, the two inspired men to find someone to "clean up" left out Wei couples. The afternoon of April 23, Shaanxi million strong home limited liability companies and social security personnel Wang Cang Li Bin, Liu Gangbin to catch up with other people in the area near the left-Ming Wei couple were held after the pipe hit a taxi on the implementation of the two escape. Ming Wei left his wife injured were taken to hospital, where left-Ming Wei, He died because of severe head injury in the April 28 death.