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The room borrows clue of the dew at the beginning of detailed rules " 2 flatlet
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The client that put an amount can indebted new politics

The room of superintendency proposal is borrowed new politics carry out first days, the reaction of the commercial bank is very calm. "Leaders were attending a meeting early in the morning, total fundamental key is consistent, at present the key is to should solve problem of a few controversy, be opposite for instance of common housing limit, put quantity client how to be handled for instance. " room of Shenzhen development bank borrows sectional public figure to say so.

The reporter calls main commercial bank to be in Shanghai orgnaization, earning echo is mostly still awaiting head office opinion. Branch of labour travel Shanghai a credit member express to the reporter, what should go to be able to decide at present is to buy housing to be able to enjoy the 7 interest rate that change first, interest rate of accumulation fund loan also begins to reduce from yesterday, 5 years period above loan interest rate is adjusted for 4.59% , as to head pay scale to still cannot decide. "Because this the Central Bank did not make specific executive detailed rules, the orgnaization is after formulate executive plan, a few main commercial banks should know energy of life with respect to the problem of detail sex even, avoid to appear bigger difference. " personage of branch of Shanghai of Bank of China discloses.

What go more quickly in going each is traffic bank. Participate in make personage of executive detailed rules divulge, this detailed rules and regulations is already preliminary make end and give relevant section countersign, "Fast word will have a result tomorrow " . It is reported, this manner to problem of a few controversy is more comfortable, can enjoy to retaining quantity client in principle for instance new politics level of interest rate leaving surplus, but specific a few referenced basises that in wanting to measure Central Bank policy, allude, and the risk with individual to the client bank is evaluated.

When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, hand in still did not release information publicly with respect to this detailed rules all right.

"2 flatlet policy " or will fade

Center of carry of battalion of financing of the bank that start line of business reports in middle finger goes out yesterday, in existence intense house price continues to glide, the Central Bank continues to lower interest, prospective income does not stabilize anticipated setting to fall, the person that buy a house still supports wait-and-see attitude. Predicting future will continue publish the measure of stable estate.

In domain of individual housing credit, the market expects the Central Bank loosens what will begin to carry out last year in September generally " 2 flatlet shift policy " , but borrow in this second room new politics in did not allude somewhat to this. Chief of credit of individual of retail bank headquarters represents the bank that start line of business, handle 2 flatlet to borrow the key of the problem to depend on, want to build corresponding risk price system, to its head pay what interest rate of scale, loan has a science to measure, "Accord with a condition do not eliminate the float below OK and applicable standard interest rate the circumstance to floor level " .
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