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Does building city clinch a deal more or less does get into trouble fall to just
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Building city clinchs a deal get into trouble, real-estate project is rolled out in succession dozen fold sales promotion activity. However, a few months went, hit the value that loses agitation place to bring to become loose to did not help the market cast off depression. Already published even the government even " help city " policy, the person that buy a house still chooses silent and wait-and-see. The reporter is investigating the discovery in interviewing, this round price becomes loose far the psychology that did not arrive at the person that buy a house anticipates, it is the real reason of sales promotion invalidation.

It is to sell the home to thinking method to save at the same time clinch a deal quantity, it is to buy the home to await real value sturdily to become loose at the same time. Market both sides is fathomming a common problem: How long will this argue last? To buying room person character, after all --

Buy a view

"Do not fall 50 % are taken no account of buy "

The fair village of Haidian area the Kingdom of Wei that Mr Yang home is in is taken secondhand room all valence already was close to 20 thousand yuan / square metre. "The house of 90 square metre near 2 million yuan, loan month is offerred should 10 thousand much. Although live now the room is too little, I plan to buy around again all the time, but total prices does not fall 1 million the following, I am canned not afford at all, also won't consider to buy. " Mr Yang tells a reporter.

According to the idea of Mr Yang, the house of a 90 square metre, total prices falls 1 million yuan the following, mean unit price 20 thousand yuan from now / square metre left and right sides falls 10 thousand yuan / square metre is the following, depreciate that is to say extent should achieve 50 % . And in fact, inside 5 years of in the past, the house price that fair village of the Kingdom of Wei carries is maintaining from beginning to end annual 20 % control go up.

"Under 9000 I am bought again "

Live in city north, the job is in everyday in Ms. Wang south the city commute rush about on the road, want to be south the city all the time so buy a two bedrooms. Come two years she is advertent all the time the new building outside the 3 annulus austral the move dish. But, the house price of this one belt rises too quickly, the 6691 hop from before 10 thousand, after handing in a condition to improve especially, the price is more all the way hurricane, rise already generally at present reach 14000 yuan / square metre fluctuates. When waiting for Ms. Wang to want to move to be late already.

"Had gone up to be not moved now, develop trader is anxious skill, want to fall sooner or later. I also have a room to live anyway, bought with its cheapen, be inferior to working hard two years to look etc again. " Ms. Wang tells a reporter, oneself psychological price " lower of course better, look from present circumstance nevertheless, can fall 889 yuan / square metre, skill was worth " .
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