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Taixing Shandong Xinwen Mining Group property companies push forward A Good acti
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Taixing Shandong Xinwen Mining Group, the property company to "new achievements in scientific development, harmonious and stable new atmosphere, the service owners a new style, community building a new situation" as the main objective of the "three in place," based on "four outstanding", focusing on " Five Combinations ", and carefully set the vector, highlighting activities, features, and strive to A Good activity advantage into the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Adhere to the "three in place." Deployment plan in place. A Good the company will study and practice activities as a continuation and extension of a special meeting at different levels, the implementation of carefully designed activities programs, theme and vector for the smooth conduct a good start, good start. Staffing in place. The company set up a leading group A Good, good grasp of the activities of the general requirements, the main contents and working methods, regular supervision A Good activities carried out, and the formation of inspection briefing. Atmosphere in place. Office platform, the company set up A Good activity column, the founder of the event information "presentation", and 18 branches across the company established a team of information workers, reported the activities of people emerged in the advanced and excellent typical, constantly adding Great propaganda guidance, and create a respect for the typical, the typical study, catch up with the typical thick atmosphere.

Based on the "four prominent." Category determine the subject, highlighting the relevance. Persist in the "Final Four five-good", "four excellent five-lead," the general theme, for different services, different jobs to determine distinctive theme. In the community "service convenience, to create a harmonious community," the theme for the practice, in the authority to "pragmatic People First, create a service-oriented agency," the theme for the practice, so that the activities of property services closer to reality, the actual party members. Carrier designed to highlight practical. Activities to enhance the effectiveness of the different areas under the party committee's responsibilities and tasks of grassroots party organizations, based on the characteristics of the identity of members of different groups around the people most want to party organizations and party members to play an exemplary role of the advanced, well-designed mobile carrier. In the community, launched the "red flag embraced the community, civilization benefits million" demonstration area party members, party members and volunteer activities such topics to further explore the role of party organizations and party members a channel to build a civilized and harmonious community; the authority to carry out the "party spirit, re-conduct, for example," activities, authorities in performance improvement activities and "create a learning institutions, striving to be a learning cadres" activities, theme activities; in the production line, carried out "as a benefit for the community for the dedication, for the flag by glory; striving to become skilled positions, and strive to security model, striving to Compliance model "of the" three for three fight "and other themed events. Striving to improve the mechanism, highlighting the long-term nature. To establish and improve the company's focus on long-term mechanism A Good through activities always, perfect grass-roots party building accountability, consolidation of party organizations are weak and lax mechanisms, mechanisms for regular activities of party organizations and party members and grassroots party organizations and party members on a regular basis Review Mechanism and so on, through the motivation and good Bangdai, periodic evaluation, regular incentives and other measures to ensure that A Good firmly grasp and hang on tight. Organize the masses to participate, highlighting the extensive. Activities have been the first to insist on excellence exposure to the masses of workers under the supervision of concern and require the grass-roots party organizations to develop programs to listen to opinions of the masses, public commitment to the masses, the activities of communications to the masses, the evaluation of advanced to invite public participation in satisfaction of the masses as the real activities of the end-result and the starting point.

Focus on "five combinations." Focus and consolidate and expand the combined results of the study and practice. The company adhere to arm ourselves with the scientific concept of development to guide practice and promote the work, establish and improve the promotion of scientific development, and service the scientific development of institutional mechanisms to implement the follow-up rectification and reform, to honor the masses of workers and the majority of the owners to make a commitment to promote the study and practice scientific concept of development to the depth and breadth. Focus on advancing learning and party organizations combined. In accordance with the construction of scientific theories of learning organizations and armed with a look ahead, good at grasping the laws of innovative work requirements, work closely with party members, cadres, the actual thinking and work, through the organization of party members and cadres to study the Party's basic theory, market economy, international and domestic situations, property management knowledge and great efforts to "a team of a leading", "a branch of a fortress" and "a party flag" campaign, strive to create a full study and a thick atmosphere of lifelong learning, growing grass-roots Party organizations and Party members and cadres of the learning ability, execution and innovation. Focus on and strengthen grass-roots party organizations combined. Sectors with the current organization of the "Final Four four excellent", and actively innovative forms of party management services, and improve the branch assessment methods, and coordinate development of grassroots party building, ensure the elimination of party activities, the "blank spots." Pay attention to and promote the "carry catch-up across the development of" a combination. Mobilize grass-roots Party organizations and members around the "efforts to build 'human Taixing Taixing harmony, and prosperity Taixing' catch-up development of a new leap forward," the mission objectives, activities to speed up development as an important goal, to promote the development as carried out activities, an important means to test whether the promotion of development as an important indicator of activity, ideas, try to run the market, do everything possible to provide effective, do solid work and development, the real grass-roots party organizations and members of the strength of the scientific development in the promotion of enterprises up to win workers support, the owners satisfaction. And change-oriented work style of cadres combination. To A Good activities as an opportunity, education, party members and cadres based on their own jobs, change their work style, in-depth research, signed A Good undertaking, and in the branch of the General Assembly to make a public performance of their duties on the commitment and hard to resolve the masses of workers majority of the owners are most concerned about, the most realistic and most direct question, and constantly deepen the activity.