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Difficult be in harmony of interest good policy " cold ice " building city " in
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Difficult be in harmony of interest good policy " cold ice " building city " in the winter " still be in

Multinomial interest good policy was brought to real estate " spring " coming infinite daydream.

Estate trades what the derate that link duty expends and room shift policy is fluctuant, to " hibernate " real estate was brought " spring " coming infinite daydream. To this, the expert inside mass course of study thinks, of policy of estate adjusting control changing direction is to maintain economic stability growth, and rather than " the price that hold a room in the palm " , interest good policy is short-term inside melt hard building city " cold ice " .

Is decreasing duty to lower interest the first pace only?

The exciting housing that Central Bank of Ministry of finance announced a few days ago consumes policy, be regarded as the mark that orientaton of estate adjusting control transforms formally generally, also stimulated the good imagination that real-estate industry expects to more interest good policy comes on stage.

Reporter from " I love my home " , " catenary home " wait for estate intermediary orgnaization to understand, current, the building trades the tax cost of link basically includes, secondhand the room trades value added tax of medium agree duty, business tax, individual income tax, stamp duty, land; The agree duty in skill house business, stamp duty. "I love my home " analyst with a 80 square metre, the house of 1 million calculates total prices, agree duty imposes a standard from house money total 1.5% fall for 1% , the person that buy a house can save 5000 yuan; Stamp duty from before 0.05% (stamp duty is buyers and sellers each burden 0.05% ) instead is avoided proof, the person that buy a house can save 500 yuan; Because average house does not need pay land value added tax, so new politics do not have an influence to this. On the whole, buying room person to be able to save duty to expend is 5500 yuan. If should cover a building to borrow money 800 thousand yuan, if loan time limit is 20 years, because favourable interest rate issues float extent to expand to 0.7 times of standard interest rate, press computation of method of principal and interest waiting for the forehead, lunar reimbursement specified amount can fall from 5893.91 yuan it is 5381.37 yuan, save 123010.02 yuan 20 years in all.

"I love my home " Hu Jinghui of vise general manager thinks, this second policy adjusts the whole of pair of estate markets to trade is benefit good, have certain positive effect with market confidence to restoring the market to trade, but fall in current market condition, substantial interest is very limited. He says, in secondhand the room trades in flow, all tax cost holds building total nearly 10% , adjust the biggest without the scale in involving all categories of taxes business tax this (occupy than 5.5% ) mix a duty (occupy than 1% ) . Can say, fall this duty range is not big, did not alleviate tall house price is right the pressure of the person that buy a house, can hold house price only for leave out truly the person that 0.55% taxes cost buys 1 million house won't be too much, the market is short-term inside walk out of hard wait-and-see.
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