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SOHO China directly under the property management company took over the building
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Power failure, stop heating, elevator failure, the security fight ... ... the past two years because property management disputes, construction, SOHO Eastern chaos. Yesterday, the district bid by way of invitation to bid, and finally choose their new property - Beijing Jin Rong Property Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Jin Rong Property). It is understood that the company directly for the SOHO China, a wholly owned property management companies. Yesterday morning, the construction of property services, SOHO tender Eastern Conference. It is understood that the selection was invited to take the subject of public ways for the community were invited to bid seven properties, and finally there are four property companies should be marked. In the tender scene evaluation by the five experts and two industry members review committee composed of property, shall be marked in listening to four rate the company's representations, there are five property owners involved in the scene to attend. Finally, SOHO China, a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Jin Rong Property highest score of 83 points was elected the new residential property management company. Although the new property company is about to enter the court, but to master the information industry, the Commission, residential property owners before the company still faces about 5,000 million owed a huge debt. Industry Authority, said Pinnacle Property, Dorset property SOHO China, property finance industry, the Commission and other related Kam five parties, will be the first time today to sit down together to negotiate on the remaining issues. Within three days of industry, the Commission will issue notification of award of property Jin Rong.