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To limit the fare to exit the property failed property companies recruit with
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Yesterday, a post in front of the report with the owners of Garden of Hope book, attracted a large number of residents in the surrounding area. The prices of residential parking fees repeatedly unsuccessful, the company offered to withdraw from residential property, the owners requested the Commission find someone else. This reporter saw the owners of property companies in the report book this way: 30 October this year, residential parking fees rose to 580 yuan / month, some of the owners of vehicles Dumen protest, when the property company has been thinking about quitting. However, in order to perform their duties, set a 2-month transition period. Book report said the owners, the property company compromise decision, in 2-month transitional period, the total amount of the fare down to 480 yuan, but in the 24th of this month launched a new parking options, "ignoring the other owners of individual owners interests, developers and property companies as a sign of weakness ", once again blocking cell car door, so that conflict. After reading the book many owners have told the owners shaking their heads. Xin Wang Guobiao property manager of the company with the introduction, the company and the contract with Hope Gardens early as July 31 has expired, and in 8 November to the Commission to the owners sent a withdrawal letter, Nov. 24 Dumen events , the more determined to exit the idea, the company was set up to exit 24, the transfer group, "but before the arrival of the new property company, we will carry out service functions, will make the transition, does not set any obstacles." Currently, the residential industry, the Commission also established the Commission by the seven members of the property industry, the recruitment group. Even a member of the President, and now the property owners to stay with the different batches were contradictions between the exit is inevitable. Sharon presented Chairman industry, there are a number of residential property management company in contention for the "vacancy" in January next year, is expected to posts.