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Property companies are also to "grab" the protection of housing
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Shenzhen Nanshan Village Construction started this year, the focus of affordable housing projects, mainly to resolve the more than twenty Zhu Shen large state-owned enterprise workers in housing construction. To solve the problem of construction funds, the project's construction unit of Shenzhen Shi Jiangong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Construction Company) developed a "Southern Hills Construction of affordable housing in a village of pre-allocated pre-orientation program," This program has Urban Construction Association (hereinafter referred to as UIA) to the Municipal Housing and Construction for filing for approval. Under this program, the city built under the enterprise agreement Changhe Property Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, will be assigned to at least 6,000 square meters of affordable housing. This has caused construction companies in the Zhu Shen huge response, they questioned the company does not belong to Zhu Shen Changhe construction enterprises, have the right to participate in pre-assigned and pre-order affordable housing it? "Village Construction" security room Shenzhen in the construction process, many large state-owned construction enterprises to participate in the construction of Shenzhen, which forms two stayed in Shenzhen building a base for production and life - and Nanshan Construction Shahe Village. To address the historical legacy of two bases and two thirty Zhu Shen large state-owned enterprise workers in housing construction in early 2007, the Shenzhen municipal government decision to remove all construction Shahe Village Construction, Construction Engineering Village, Shahe recovered more than 300,000 square meters of land, construction work will Nanshan Village more than 20 million square meters of land reserved for building construction enterprises stayed in Shenzhen office and living into the base. Later, Nanshan Village Construction approved by the municipal government of Shenzhen City, focused on affordable housing projects, with the government out of, the business form of capital planning and construction. The project site area of 224,200 square meters, total construction area of 482,000 square meters, planned construction period is 5 to 6 years in three phases for construction. February of this year, the project officially started. September, a project started. Sale is to solve the problem of construction funds Deep cloud Village (Forum News) affordable housing quality problems occurred, the Jing Bao reporter received complaints from readers, reflecting the Nanshan Construction of affordable housing in the village pre-allocated pre-sale program, a company called Property Management Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City Changhe (hereinafter referred to as the Changhe company) actually involved in the security room, Nanshan Construction of the distribution of the village, and this property is private, does not meet the Construction Village security room allocation requests to the Jing Bao journalists to investigate the matter. To this end, the reporter conducted a thorough investigation. City Construction Association for Li Yuming that, to build the village of Construction, Housing and Construction by the City Council commissioned the Urban Construction Association, led the Joint Construction of state-owned Village, 26 stayed in Shenzhen Construction Engineering construction companies set up a company, he was appointed by the Chairman, City Construction Association, Changhe companies and 26 construction companies for shareholders stayed in Shenzhen, Nanshan Construction responsible for building the village. Li Yuming, due to the Nanshan Construction is the use of government out of the village, the business form of capital construction, construction engineering company was first established, by 28 units (26 stayed in Shenzhen City, construction companies and associations, Changhe Company) together funded more than 5,000 yuan up, including large enterprises invested 2.6 million yuan each, small business investment 1.6 million yuan each, the smallest is the city of UIA, contribute 20 million. Construction start Nanshan Village construction funds is that more than 5,000 yuan. Project start date, including demolition, earthwork and other finishing work has spent more than 2000 million, at present more than 2000 million left, while a projected funds needed for construction of up to 784 million. Faced with such a large funding gap, if not, then raise the money as soon as possible, the project will be forced to shut down. In this case, in order to allow shareholders to pay 28, Construction Engineering Corporation developed a "Southern Hills Construction of affordable housing in a village of pre-allocated pre-orientation program." Its purpose is to give a certain degree of commitment to the construction enterprises in order to raise funds. Construction Yanyuan Lin, general manager, said in an interview, he was specifically responsible for the construction of the village, Nanshan Construction work to start the ceremony, they spent 4 months in time for the dismantling of old buildings, as a project to In the year after the completion of works tight. According to the plan, prior to December 30 this year, finishing complete to earth, before the rainy season next year to complete the basic work. But only 2,000 yuan of funds, not solve the financing problem, they developed the pre-allocated pre-sale program, ready to share how much area to share capital. After the completion of buy back by a certain percentage The reporter saw, according to the provisions of this program, implemented in phases, Nanshan Village Construction pre-distribution, but according to transform the development of a limited number of affordable housing in the basic situation, the two construction workers involved in the village who meet the conditions of demolition (moving) companies, the demolition of the lifestyle housing construction area, the general principle of proportion by a pre-sale buy-back than 1.2-1.3. The first phase of housing construction projects, mainly for the demolition of a repurchase of units, the whole village of Shahe Construction and Phase II project was the relocation subscription resettlement demolition unit subscription. The area of pre-allocated pre-business lifestyle by involving the demolition of Buildings 1 to 1 ratio of area of temporary purchase. The second phase of the project is completed, according to general principles of the standard (1 ratio of 1.2-1.3), lack of a pre-allocated some continue to do business involving the distribution of split sales. And considering the Nanshan Village, Shahe Construction scale of shareholders, and other factors contribute to the development of relevant and reasonable way to pre-allocated pre-sale. Program also provides pre-sale in the purchase of any enterprise shall not be, but a smaller share or not share. Other enterprises or individuals do not allow the transfer of the shareholders to subscribe. Sale price is 4800 yuan per square meter, according to pre-sale buyers purchase units in the area pay a mortgage installments on time, late late in paying a mortgage in full, as abstaining. After completion, the principle will be Duotuishaobu settlement. Li Yuming, said the first phase, will be strictly according to the proportion of 1 to 1 pre-sale allocation, the second phase, the protection of housing area will have some surplus, some more construction workers will tilt the village of large enterprises.