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Foreign room of new ducal garden appears on day hill
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On August 17, day hill real estate was project of street of its China Beijing University to hold special subject product to recommend a specification to meet, recommend content this with " the design concept of garden foreign room and live experience " for the theme, tuwenbingmaode is right alignment of the overall planning of the project, style establishing a range, landscape undertook introductory.

This project is located in Shijiazhuang new China area, situation is quite advantageous, be held in both hands with quiet and tastefully laid out, exalted gardens scene by the heat of upper circles. In new duke, victoria style the building of park highway apartment of the garden foreign room of flower type and high level mutual set off, dedication gives people sumptuous dinner of a vision.

In the design process of the project, advocate achieve a group to be conceived from situation of the life condition conception with whole first project, program door model planar deliberate, form establishing a range is affirmatory, the consider of the detail such as final baluster, armrest, label, last a period of time full time of a year. Day hill real estate and all collaboration square together, bend force makes a such high quality villages, hope to pass oneself effort, present everybody a good life setting.