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Conclude scene city " street of Aegean amorous feelings " new power of business
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Recently, gold of traffic of street of China of city of · conclude scene full-dress come on stage, brought not small shock to provincial capital commerce, commerce of core a sector of an area, high end, brand-new condition of program, bright industry, the rise that traffic of adumbrative China street takes, it is sure to lift raging waves of provincial capital commerce.

"Market of business of Aegean amorous feelings " full-dress come on stage

Business street of ave of China of conclude scene city is located in ave of China of urban mainstay line to upright the intermediate a sector of an area of Yu Yuhua road and road of workers and peasants, a sector of an area is advantageous, communication is easy. Draw near people bazaar, day yuan the name is tasted, the large shopping centre such as Oriental shopping centers, be advantageous rare be short of commercial a sector of an area and rare ideal investment climate.

Business street of ave of China of conclude scene city is located in provincial capital the 4th business is encircled -- , gold the important niche that business encircles · Wo Erma, the hotel of 5 stars class of the happy theme park that relies on on 10 thousand square metre and community form a complete set, real estate of golden principal rooms develops limited company to build Shijiazhuang here high-grade marriage celebrates first collect honeymoon of meal of banquet of ceremony of photography of gauze of things, marriage, celebration, marriage, hotel, Mu Ying tastes the marriage at an organic whole to celebrate the life kind block of thematic amorous feelings. Current, a large number of famous chain manage your kind effort of agent of boutique of brand of gauze of orgnaization, marriage, brand to join in, traffic of more adumbrative street of China of conclude scene city takes rise abruptly.

Brand-new concept design leads group of the 4th trade to rise abruptly

The combination of function of enough, compound that what modern trade pays attention to more is Yi Da sex of traffic, parking space, overall industry condition is pulled move, the comfortable and convenient, advanced form a complete set of in-house traffic condition and dimensional environment establishment and hardware, the program design that changes through human nature, government that adds a standard to unite is run, will be attracted quickly and collect person energy of life, reach passenger source share. Street of amorous feelings of Aegean of conclude scene city is from now on the concept sets out, carry the design that changes with human nature makes classical marriage celebrate thematic block.

The expert is fatidical, as provincial capital " change 3 years greatly appearance " tear open change to transform advance stage by stage, shijiazhuang trade situation will produce the change of world-shaking. As a fresh troops, division trade group will be in the bridge on the west a new force suddenly rises in tearing open change this to transform. In gold the downtown region with located ave of China of city of · conclude scene, will make the home that this commercial apophysis takes. Of Wo Erma of world trade tycoon strong enter halt, will drive what the 4th business encircles provincial capital to rise abruptly more.
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