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"The change austral the railway station " ecbolic and landed new business chance
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Recently, shi Wu (Shijiazhuang -- , Wuhan) passenger transport special railway line is in the message of Zhengzhou start working, the view that allows us to will pay close attention to again project of the change austral focusing Shijiazhuang railway station -- , the significant key position that regards Beijing as railroad of high speed of Shi Yushi fierce, the construction of new railway station, it is Shijiazhuang not only this " the city that the train helps " the new antenna of communication north and south, in the meantime, the construction of this project is sure to drive development of provincial capital south, expand the provincial capital southern part of lag all along, those who be sure to welcome estate development and industrial development is epochal.

One, drive living value to climb litre

According to the program, new railway station is located in south the victory ave with on the west, the pagoda tree installs Lu Yina, south 2 annulus with boreal area, this will give directly south it is good that estate of 2 annuluses periphery develops a project to bring a lot of profit.

"Periphery of new railway station will form new trade group, this can drive the development of business of characteristic of railway station periphery such as the hotel inside area, meal not only, in the meantime, the development of region industry also can drive living demand to increase, the development latent capacity of residential project is same very considerable. " the analysis when the personage inside course of study is accepting a reporter to interview says.

Good news of this one interest already began to show to the influence of the market, at present already somebody begins market of race to control first machine, invest the residence near new railway station and business shop. Community of first when be located in provincial capital south large-scale character is triumphal one of person be benefited that the city is the change austral the railway station, this company controller says, construction of new customer station gifted this area clarity appreciates it is thus clear that latent capacity, attracted a lot of having investment and live to buy a house oneself before the client of demand, a lot of clients are business shop and residence are bought together, meaning in rely on group of new trade of railway station periphery to live, achieve rich neither by accident.

"The change austral the railway station drives extent value promotion, can foreknow, room of card of the village inside this one area, unit collects money the state that the room sings leading role changes effectively. " this controller analysis, no matter this still lives oneself to investment model the client will be major interest good.

2, chrysalis of lacerate of plan of district of southern business business affairs
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