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Aerkadiya develops ground mark to still owe body to measure
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"Ground mark " one word results from geographical, it is explorer points to the mark that makes course. Below modern saying condition, ground mark is to point to the architecture system that waits to the respect has striking distinguishing feature and identify easily in connotation of sense of building design, history, culture, monument or other construction.

Urban land mark is the child of history of a city, culture, economy, also affecting the culture of a city, economy. Urban land mark still shows the window of urban style and features and actual strength, multivariate an organic whole makes its value times add, it often produces conclusive effect to the building city progress of whole area, can form the building city with a bright characteristic board piece, make the dweller that is in community produces attributive move.

Without doubt, in undertaking at present " change 3 years greatly appearance " the urban style and features that is sure to change whole Shijiazhuang, in common people heart, also will have new home town form. In " change 3 years greatly appearance " in the program, municipal government rolled out more than 10 priority discipline meticulously, also make the point of focusing of everybody line of sight. So, a these which conferences that order eyeball to become common people is the native place of take delight in talking about new henceforth Where is the figure, which newly bid that can you make prospective Shijiazhuang again? Our newspaper arrived please with all possible means the personage comprised a folk to evaluate a group, when these high-quality goods projects are about to be born, they become fatidical, judge the possibility of mark of Shijiazhuang new ground.

■ the Aerkadiya in be being built project

■ graph of effect of project of A Er Ka Diya

■ program blue print

Ka Diya of Er of Shijiazhuang · A, be located in the bridge east area core position, peace east road and restful north ave make part of meeting place northeast, the line of many city mainstay such as proximate peace way, restful ave, victory ave, construction ave. The project always covers an area of 228 mus, total floor area is close 860 thousand square metre, for community of dinkum and high-grade residence, connect the board building that show and composition of hotel of class of a 5 stars by 25 north and south in all.

Whole project in all many 5000, cent is 4 period development. Project first phase in all 10 buildings, basically give priority to with the high level, local hold concurrently 7, 8 house. Be in door model on the design, arrive from the one room of 45 square metre the 4 rooms of 206 square metre everything needed is ready. Whole project is current already start working construction, whole project is finished before 2013.
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