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International beautiful tall sex price compares shock building city
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4600 yuan / the low since square metre enters town, international beautiful visit town of a tower over a city gate than shaking with tall sex price.

International beautiful the crossing welcoming guest that is located in provincial capital Shijiazhuang, north faces abundant China road, international city leans south, park square is received to arrive on the west Tan Guna ave, adjacent is planning east medium Jin Madong street, be apart from park of international city forest to walk only 3 to 5 minutes, always cover an area of 12 mus, the floor area on the ground is left and right sides of 80 thousand square metre, project gather is convenient the characteristic such as traffic, mature form a complete set, quiet and tastefully laid out environment, circumjacent form a complete set is perfect, large meal, recreation, shop, the life such as hospital, bank, school, market and everything needed is ready of business affairs form a complete set.

This project is making work building dish for the high level a building, 2 period the project is about to start. 1# building building is 30 tall, 1-4 layer is commerce, 4-30 layer is the residence, in all two unit. The commerce of 1-4 layer is frame structure, can ask according to condition of different commercial line of business random breaks up a space, 4.4 meters of luxurious layers to 4.6 meters are tall, sufficient the figure requirement that can satisfy state of any commercial line of business. Add agile dimensional layout, comprehensive stereo traffic configuration, all commerce invest a client to ask to all can be achieved.

International beautiful break traditional structure to reach living mode, should market of market demand fill is current and blank, make the residence live new concept.