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Coronal city develops business and owner openness to meet
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Jun is spent) on June 29, altogether of “ open-armed channel achieves owner of city of coronal of ”——— of good coronal city to communicate the center can be revealed to hold in coronal city.

The relevant controller such as company of Wang Jixing of general manager of real estate of sea of day of business of coronal city development and engineering department, property, inspect grain company and the real situation of delegate of more than 20 owner speak, guarantee system of the project time limit for a project that pays close attention to in the light of owner, quality, parking space, heating divides an Education Foundation of metric, badminton to whether be opened to owner wait for a problem, development business delegate had thorough, objective introduction.

Coronal city is located in wide install link of gift market of way of ave, peace, Yo, road talking about north to embrace in, circumjacent communication is easy, form a complete set is complete. This project covers an area of 65471 square metre, build have house of 8 sunshine high level, resident and parking space scale amount to 1: 0.8, and with of 19.2% exceed small building density alone area of pace city center. The project deserves to build the Education Foundation of national feather team that has 16 thousand square metre, this base is built with international standard, it is current domestic professional level is top, establishment of form a complete set is the wholest, build the special badminton Education Foundation with the largest scale.

That day meet on the meeting, development business and owner delegate are communicated through deepness, consensus is reached on the issue that involves owner life character in a lot of things, good to future living life was full of confidence.