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Sell like hot cakes of cold town of Changjiang Delta new city
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During National Day, changjiang Delta new city is villatic 2 period high-key appear, the client that card of hold country villa faces this only between example is offerred only, according to divulging, 500 thousand yuan villatic card sale already passed value half. "No matter the market is big environment how, with Changjiang Delta new city carries the position in level villa and freeboard character on the head in Shijiazhuang, our sale never gets the influence of materiality " , the sale chief inspector of Changjiang Delta new city expresses Mr Yang is self-confidently to the reporter.

Changjiang Delta new city is located in Hu too bank of Heibei of a small bay in a river of Hu of new developed area, cover an area of about 1650 mus; "One annulus, two-way, 3 field, 4 lakes, 5 garden " gardens of landscape of characteristic of new Changjiang Delta appoints senior garden chief by the sea " Shanghai expert vegetable grower " admire make; The couplet of 4 slope top of style of structure of flower type noble discharges villa to import material by more than kinds 30 elaborate literary composition is built, alone the door, alone courtyard, have the land one day; Resident deserves to have illicit home garage, super- sink greatly court and muti_function illicit home is met; Community has bilingual education market of business of system, amorous feelings, exceed large-scale star level the perfect urban form a complete set such as costly meeting place.