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How does 3 ages level have life loan buys a house
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How does 3 ages level have life loan buys a house

The building city this year not as good as in former years is prosperous, new first half of the year building dish, secondhand room market trades quantity atrophy already was not to dispute a fact, the wait-and-see sentiment that at present borrower buys a house is stronger, still can last for some time likely, below this kind of atmosphere borrower is inferior to first according to individual condition, building of recombine bank individual mortgages loan policy, clear up oneself how to many money you can lend ahead of schedule? How many years can you borrow? It may not be a bad idea is answered in time when encountering right house property. Generally speaking, different age paragraph borrower should take different loan kind.

Young period: 23-28 year old between

Young period this batch of person basically is 80 hind generation is new new mankind, this one period still does not have domestic responsibility, consumption is in relatively optional phase, professional career also has not finalize the design, do not have very strong crisis to feel to future, because this also lacks saving consciousness and urgent sense with respect to hard to avoid. Normally the circumstance falls, they buy a house head pay to still need to rely on will solve in the home.

Loan expert is directive:

Come from the age say, the borrower of young period has his distinct advantage, because young, because had accepted higher education, because professional career is very long still, so the bank is having certain preference to group of this part loan. The bank is willing to make loan for this part crowd quite, above all, this part crowd is belonged to mostly first buy course of study need not suffer 2 flatlet to borrow policy worry, approve relatively borrow, put it is some easier to borrow. Next, when silver-colored behavior borrower assesses reimbursement fixed number of year, with its the age serves as a foundation, the age jumps over small loan fixed number of year to grow more, the borrower of this youth period is occupied quite " cheap " , can borrow usually 7 into 20 years. The 3rd, the house that the bank puts borrowed amount and borrower to buy a house age about, the characteristic that the youth buys a house is the building wants new, door model want small, traffic to want to go to the lavatory, evaluate from the bank come up tell, taller to when such building bank is evaluated, also can giving out assess the value, the amount when such loan is natural also subsequently heighten.

The borrower of young period although the advantage is more but those who need an attention is problem of aptitude of credence of easy oversight individual, after if borrower has a bit,brushing card at will very cannot seasonable pay can cause exceed the time limit, according to the different provision of bank interior, time of exceed the time limit is more person the bank is not to give of loan.
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