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6 big alone door secret record is single woman how buy course of study
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6 big alone door secret record is single woman how buy course of study

Lone woman is increasing in at present city, as a result is comprised all sorts of " lone woman is tribal " . Although they are lone reason and condition each are not identical, but they make single life happy rise hard. Their advantage is very much, had gotten higher education, pursueing fashionable job, young, beautiful, rich. Place in what do not have love temporarily below, besides work hard, can have one ring room to be able to make their heart gets satisfy and be ensuringed more. Can block wind the independent space that take shelter from rain, protected privacy to make them much again already the actualest in a real life " capital " . So, "The Great Northern Wilderness " this how buy course of study, "I love my home " dedicate hereby alone door secret book.

(One) do not stare at new building only dish, can look secondhand room.

At present, mention buy a house, people often can think of to buy bridal chamber. Live bridal chamber is pretty good, can be now the building of new development inside Beijing city dish not much, a few finite prices too tall. Considering " the Great Northern Wilderness " actual condition, after buying a house, can change because of workplace probably wait to other inaccuracy decides an element and change a room often. Accordingly, be inferior to be being bought temporarily secondhand the room transfers. With new building dish photograph comparing is secondhand room advantage also not common, have a sector of an area maturity of advantage of advantageous, traffic, community, form a complete set is complete, wait for an advantage without period room risk, the buy trade demand with them is be identical very.

(2) not cling to large family, small family very practical also.

Large family building admittedly capacious, air, be opposite however single public figure, buy a room to should consider to whether satisfy instantly living need, the area is in the small family of 50-60 square metre secondhand the room can be the building that suits them to buy quite. Normally the circumstance falls, this kind of building not only economy is practical, and it is building pass on no matter it is relatively easy to still rent, investment lives oneself two-phase appropriate.

(3) do not calculate total prices only, see well even monovalent.

If " the Great Northern Wilderness " buy secondhand room buy course of study, be about to accomplish know fairly well. The part is secondhand the room because room age is older, the area is lesser wait for a reason, total prices calculates although,come down cheaper, but apportion arrives every square metre, the price is not low however. Accordingly, the unit price that the house should buy with its when the person that buy a house is buying this kind of house and circumjacent building dish photograph of market price case is compared, next redo decide.
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