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Show a room to spread an analysis to be nodded basically without mode of venture
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Show a room to spread an analysis to be nodded basically without mode of venture capital investment now

Common return hire, the commercial project ballyhoo such as redound, with a few head pay the partial property right that investment buys business to spread, business of every months of development passes on the means of one share capital. Many people think this is means of investment of optimal fixed assets. Be really such? Steal think erroneous, developing business also is a businessman, also be it is a purpose with gain, why should he be business door to leave " salary " ? If business is developed to be managed after investment,do not rise, what does he take to come " salary " ? If be such, do not say gain, be afraid that our investment capital calls in hard only! "Rest newly center of money of Zhao of door · swallow " be willing to share a few result together with everybody.

Show a room to spread an analysis to nod basically without mode of venture capital investment now:

Shop of 1. investment business is to choose to show a shop, still hand in room date to hold the period house that control hard?

Commercial project did not star building in the project commonly before, begin to enrol business, sale. Look be like is a favour, the market with can be accumulated particular for owner ahead of schedule is famous degree, accumulate constant commercial person pulse. Actually otherwise, one: Period room cannot generate profit truly quite, early days is devoted only, increased the time that capital invests; 2: The does not stabilize increased investment risk sex of the market, especially commercial project is more such; 3: Consult without objective, and sand table and effect graph connect constant error to be apart from with in the future real estate bigger. Spread actor bad sex of the position to needing to inspect business on the spot more for commercial project.

And show the room, trade that spreads now, avoided above these malady. Inspect commercial atmosphere on the spot, witness the actor bad of commercial position, wait a moment to stream of people, management influence. Hand in money to get the key to be entered in real time halt, just be to be oneself investment to eat next sth capable of comforting sb truly.

Is 2. investment business option market or shop of the gold that face a market?

Base of bazaar need stream of people serves as prop up, the stream of people that how attends the country fair attracts bazaar to come, the shop front that attracts oneself comes, not only it is difficult problem of a technology, and still be a lengthy process. Common market raises city period to be in 4, 6 years, it is difficult endurance suffers during this. Need to throw capital to do profit of conduct propaganda, sacrifice to solicit more client. Capital actual strength is small, or want short-term inside achieve profit objective businessman to be propped up almost impossibly come down, final final result cans be imagined.
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