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Buy course of study hints: Still borrow be economical to have knowledge ahead of
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Buy course of study hints: Still borrow be economical to knowledge was experienced ahead of schedule successive 6 times the room lends the air on interest rate, borrower interest burden was increased. With 1 million yuan of loan 15 % are the float below standard interest rate exemple, at the beginning of 2007, wait for month of frontal principal and interest 30 years for be 5876 yuan, the month is offerred this year went up 547 yuan. Many people consider a share or shift to an earlier date entirely reimbursement, and there is knowledge in reimbursement ahead of schedule. Expert of bank of the people's livelihood offers among them a few action:

The first action: Choose first-rate accumulation fund to rush to still lend means save money. Rush to still borrow means to have two kinds: (1) one-time reimbursement law, namely " year strong " , recover remaining sum of housing accumulation fund every year, one-time remand loan, but " year strong " means must preferential remand accumulation fund borrows money, accordingly this is one kind shifts to an earlier date actually reimbursement, economic it is interest of accumulation fund loan more. The proposal can talk things over with the bank, reduce commerciality loan time first in loan initial stage, increase the share that the commerciality in lunar reimbursement specified amount borrows money, reelection choose " the month is strong " means, make remaining sum of accumulation fund account, much stronger return commerciality loan, save accrual thereby. (2) law of reimbursement of month by month, namely " the month is strong " , from inside account of individual accumulation fund every months extraction capital remands borrow money that month principal and interest, this kind of method applies to account remaining sum not much person, if remaining sum of accumulation fund account is insufficient, borrower should be every months in its reimbursement account complemental balance part, ensure loan on schedule full specified amount remands.

The 2nd action: Shorten deadline still is borrowed than shifting to an earlier date more be economical. Because the bank has income countervail debt to compare (the rate that lunar reimbursement specified amount holds lunar income) requirement, all ask commonly a longer reimbursement deadline, the longest can amount to 30 years. But a lot of people still borrow ability to promote greatly later. After be being accumulated like will unused capital at this moment, still borrow ahead of schedule again, that accrual saves the effect, shorten as what apply loan time limit in time to the bank far, more the circumstance of actor is, after deadline shortens, apropos can classify is lower the deadline class of interest rate, effect of its province breath is more apparent. Be like former 10 years period loan shortens when coming 5 years, susceptive interest rate can fall from 6.6555 % to 6.579 % . Deadline every shorten to class of lower loan fixed number of year, interest rate reduces a class. Want to understand clear bank exchange to rectify the contract of loan time limit to agree.
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