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Industry expert reminds: Baby does not forget legal hazard when owner
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Industry expert reminds: Baby does not forget when owner legal hazard will open the hearsay that imposes death tax to let many baby should go up " owner " , however, industry expert reminds, buy a room to must support cautious attitude with minor name, lane is bad to can be immersed in law " mine field " .

Buy room phenomenon grow in quantity with minor name

Be in before long before gentleman of tall of Jiangsu Nanjing citizen and wife river on the west board piece purchased house of a commodity, when card of conduction house property, couple two write at the same time went up still going up the name of the son of elementary school; Same, jiangsu will purchase even the cropland gentleman of cloud harbor house of a seascape in the city zone of the eastpart part this year in August, and when to property right inspect manage is in card of conduction house property to register name of property right person, cropland gentleman should write the name of the grandchildren of the class before going up to just go to school this year unexpectedly. Current, the phenomenon that each district buys certificate of room, conduction property right with name of 18 years old of the following minor is increasing.

So, what reason be bring about so much parent to choose baby to become " owner " ? Because in recent years home is concerned,this basically is be about to open the talk that imposes death tax, some experts express even, once the opportunity is mature, collect death duty to will become final issue. A lot of people may open the death tax that impose for avoid, and the choice is written on house property card on the name of children or grandchildren.

There already were 100 many countries to leave on the world at present imposed death tax, although China still is done not have at present proof, but the temporary regulations that drafts concerned death duty in research all the time about the branch. Because of this a lot of people from " nip in the bud " angle sets out, let the child become the host of the house ahead of schedule. Nevertheless, divide outside be being expended for duty of avoid house property, have a reason additionally still, namely a few parents, grandparent stems from the think of a way that offers more life safeguard for the child, purchase house property with their name when the child is minor.

The parent cannot manage at will minor house property