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" property government case is analytic "
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" property government case is analytic " Introductive

Since from the thing industry government works, loving this industry greatly all the time.
She is a burgeoning industry that has tenacious vitality, show science, rigorous government on one hand, reflecting exquisite, sweet service on one hand, complexity of human in disclosing a society to live relation and diversity while, also under cover is anatomized to a kind of ego of human nature, no matter be property server itself, the property that still regards consumption as main body uses a person. Because of the existence of a kind of understanding, care and support, what administrative service is in property to eliminating a person ceaselessly is alone, flimsy, dissocial and the estrangement between people, inhospitality and repulsion; Make the social community consciousness with the deep compatriots since community education and in a steady stream emerges to the society ceaselessly, with " benefit other people is fine breathed " means is affecting people thinking and social morality gradually. She is completely capable to pass the implementation that property management serves, assume the duty that builds harmonious community and obligation, build harmonious society to lay next solid foundations for compose thereby.
When course of industry of turn one's head and look forward to look at industry distant view, we thought of company of each property management is mixed from personnel of course of study. Our health grows and rise ceaselessly, just be the main power that the industry expands. Before property management company is offerring property to serve, the target wants Gao Yuan some, hold way correctly, avoid to be immersed in the bewilderment of managemant decision and the predicament of all sorts of crises; When the problem that ponders over business management and development, draw lessons from the person of the same trade's experience, can achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort already, can avoid follow the same old disastrous road again; When offerring management to serve, be in charge of behoove major, the service wants exquisite, do not have grandiose aims but puny abilities, underestimate the problem of day-to-day management.
" case of property management company is analytic " reader fixed position is the property manager that ponders over business development people, so, in compose when this book enumerated it is property management company the case in running a course, pay attention to explain the profound things in a simple way and concise and practical, pass disperse the internal heat with sudorifics model thinking, cause what the reader reachs an industry to individual, enterprise to think. If can come true this a little bit, author also with respect to be perfectly satisfied.
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