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" of property company establish with run "
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" of property company establish with run " Content brief introduction

This book introduced meticulously to establish in the round what run a company with carry crop course of study is newest with practical knowledge, to running medium property government the enterprise brought beneficial enlightenment, also invest open for the society the door of property management.

Whole book distributes a share. The first part (4 chapters of 1 ~ ) establish for the enterprise piece, explain understands the condition that establishs property management company successfully, program and measure. Told about the constituent structure that how designs a company scientificly mainly among them, mix from the program of manpower resource, construction administrative field, explained lucidly how the company team that compose builds a tall efficiency.

The 2nd part (9 chapters of 5 ~ ) run for the enterprise piece, 5 crucial factors in telling about the property management such as quality of financial, service respectively. Have 2 mainly among them: The transverse flow that is property management (the 7th chapter general management) , include a building sanitation of facilities of reparative, building, environment, public order, fire control. The 2 fore-and-aft flow that are property management (project of the 8th chapter manages) , include early days to intervene, take-over check and accept, owner is entered, decorate manual of management, archives management, project and integrated service. The 9th regulations upgrades from aptitude, the market is extended, the respect illuminate such as company culture the development of property management company.

A large number of fact were typed to hold plan to be drawn lessons from for the reader in the book, wait like regulations of lash-up of put out a fire.

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