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" sale of property government market is politic "
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" sale of property government market is politic " Introductive

Market action needs in market economy, the market that well-known action bids means is a model extends one of action. The enterprise wants to live in the market with development, must be familiar with and hold the market deeply to extend sale strategy.

If why property management company wins a project in the market, if where,the market that maturity uses in normative market gradually extends strategy to acquire a project, this is the purpose of this book compose.

Since property manages comfortable China take root, by right of its ground of tenacious vitality healthy and strong is growing, the process is here medium, shenzhen mode, Shanghai mode and foreign enterprise mode are the fructification of plentiful and substantial. Carry out ceaselessly as the government " the industry is detached " policy, property management will be broken away from below the gradually shelter from real estate, this also forces property management company to must move toward the market in succession, the project is searched in the market, appeared between the enterprise then " direct competition " situation. Meanwhile, the government also is in ceaselessly the development of normative industry.

How be used and to how be used and hold the special period that this industry grows? Mature area and company of successful brand property run in research property while, we also are thinking ceaselessly. Current, academic group manages the exploration of the industry to stay in management to serve real operation to go up more to property, the market on firm sense extends research not much, some personages bid to market action early or late undertook a few discuss, also obtained certain positive result, but the market sale compared with other industry is academic, the research that property government market extends a respect starts later, theory still is not abounded. The compose of this book is from now on angle sets out, the sale theory that draws lessons from other industry and a few outside the brand property with develop strong capability is operating medium particular way actually, offer a series of oneself viewpoints and means. Of course, these methods rise to what academic height still remains to reach practice at the market to examine.

Of this book the 5th, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 chapters and appendix part by Fang Chunsheng compose, the 1st, 2, 3, 4, 10 chapters You Ding shows treasure compose. In composing a process, the author consulted concerned teaching material, monograph and data, got the support of a lot of comrades and help, here along with all the others express one's thanks to.

Content brief introduction

This book extends basic idea proceed with from property government market, clear the fundamental of respect of sale of property government market. Set out from actual combat angle, expounding theory while master method, skill in the person that let read again, increase capacity.
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