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" property management communicates art "
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" property management communicates art " [content brief introduction]
This book is the monograph that home tells about property management the first times to communicate craft, discussed in detail how to eliminate property to manage the contradiction between object of of all kinds communication through be being communicated effectively.
Whole book distributes 3 shares.
The first part (1, 2 chapters) it is generality, told about property management to communicate the psycho of the object, general communication skill, and the 5 large categories of communication object and respective characteristic.
The 2nd part (6 chapters of 3 ~ ) to be communicated external, the communication skill that elaborated unit of group of committee of property management and development business, owner, owner, construction, cent to wrap personnel of unit, ab extra society, government sector to wait in detail; Among them if where,key of the 5th chapter told about property management undertake communication with average owner in routine, if owner calls in, owner complains the processing with dispute to wait.
The 3rd part (7, 8 chapters) the interior construction that is property management team, include basic level to serve personnel (the dest clerk, member that ensure public security, member that maintain worker, Bao Jie) individual quality and communication skill, and 5 great and crucial communication link in how controlling property government.
In the book mix with a large number of fresh and vivid case comment on wonderfully, make the reader acquires communication knowledge and skill in be read easily, beneficial inspiration gets in the realization that laughs in understanding.

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