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" the course that property management runs "
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" the course that property management runs " [introductive]
Money of implementation property government is the biggest change

All the time since, in the shadow that administrative industry envelops property to accumulate loss in bedding face from beginning to end, and no matter its are true circumstance how, but most at least showed an issue: Property management is small profit industry really, a bit accident is met deficit.

Deficit or small profit brought a series of issues: It is the behavior of the enterprise above all. Because the essence of the enterprise is angle interest the biggest change, become what cannot obtain capital appreciation through normal approach the biggest when changing, it perhaps reduces the investment that manages to property, perhaps transfer capital to arrive other industry; The healthy development that these two kinds of behavior can run to property causes harm. And when two kinds of afore-mentioned behavior when temporary impracticability, again the instinct that together with goes after to the interest, it can covert only the rights and interests that damages owner directly even.
To owner character, spend least money to enjoy most and first-class service, place of person of this kind of psychology shares give no cause for more criticism; That is to say, property management company satisfies the demand ability that owner grows ceaselessly and changing to reach both equilibrium at any time only. But the premise that forms this kind of state is the enterprise must have enough capital support, and this just is property management " soft costal region " !

The hot water that unfixed property runs still gets the powerful force of capital of have the aid of finally.

Rely on commodity the Woerma of retail build up can first what list world money, and is the direct service property government at millions upon millions consumer gotten really cannot send big money quite? The author thinks, this answer is affirmative; But the thinking that the key wants to see proprietor and boldness. E.g. property management adviser seeks advice from a service, if pay close attention to only at this business itself, can feel channel of this sudden huge profits is narrower and narrower; But alternate angle sees a problem, consult adviser a kind of form that treats property management education to groom, criterion eye shot and space are rapid and vast. This is open-and-shut only an example of in-house professional work. Say so, property management has the latent capacity that makes fortune summit summit completely, see how grab and was dug.

The author feels constantly in writing, property management is the ocean of a resource, it is a Chu Manzuan stone and the rich ore of gold, it is Alibaba's cave, it is the fortune virgin land that has not reclaim, it is one of the most valuable investment fields at the beginning of 21 centuries; It can realize property management ability and wisdom completely person fortune dream. This book tries from " property management convention is managed " , " natural resources of property management company " , " property resource " , " owner resource " , " culture resource " , " capital is managed " wait for a few respects to seek property government money the biggest those who change, hope from this and the person that bring a hope is mixed with fortune impulse investment is inspirational.
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