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House of Shenzhen peach source builds dispute case: Highest check already to cou
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House of Shenzhen peach source builds dispute case: Highest check already to top magic art counterappeal is collaboration builds a house obviously, development business gives the ground, construction business goes money to build a building, the both sides after the lid is good deuces the 70 thousand building area of smooth rice and profit, cooperate however relation halfway changed flavour -- built Shang Gang to cast 14 million do not have money, the money that asks to give development business to will sell a building the flower takes lid room, development business is in pay a building dealer 112 million later, building eventually complete; After complete, construction business claims both sides is pure construction concern, took out cost of deader than conventional bag construction to turn over only settle accounts of one times much final accounting of revenue and expenditure " construction money " ; Saying again after is bilateral collaboration establishs room relationship, 70 million collaboration builds requirement repartition room profit. Both sides talks things over not if really, construction business tells development dealer the court.

The litigation that builds business asked to win city of Guangdong province, Shenzhen the overall support of two class court, be reached by counterappeal of top people procuratorate however review of top people court...

On September 6, 2008, peach source house is industrial (Shenzhen) Li Aijun of limited company president comes to Beijing, face this network reporter, the one stake issue that poured out to perplex a company a few years -- the Shenzhen aviation city of subordinate of company of peach source house (the eastpart part) industrial limited company (city of aviation of the following abbreviation) turn state city with Guangdong province branch of Baoan of company of engineering of the 2nd construction (the following abbreviation changes a state 2, namely intermediate court of justice of town of Shenzhen of all previous classics, Guangdong saves court of High Court, top people the case of construction contract dispute that 3 class hear.

This " Shenzhen is the biggest building dish " builder Li Aijun language fast splitting, a few life and death that change because of policy from aviation city project are alternant, to with change a state 2 build former legal person to arrive from collaboration on behalf of Chen Huawei the dispute of kind and enmity of fall out, she told about this in detail to remove the issue with complex process.

Peach source house develops setting