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Hangzhou old owner is troubled by greatly retreat Fang Moke to express to follow
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Hangzhou old owner is troubled by those who retreat Fang Moke to express to abide by contracted principle to be lifted by 10 thousand divisions only greatly " Jin Jiuyin 10 price war " the intense dissatisfaction that caused the person that high price of partial early days buys a house, about a hundred of rage person that buy a house a few days ago " pound " the office area of Hangzhou of 10 thousand divisions and building dish the spot, have a building dish must end the sale that day ahead of schedule, close " dish " . Respect of 10 thousand divisions expresses: Make allowances for the client's mood and show deep-felt understanding, but mix as a management substance appear on the market company, 10 thousand divisions want to be in charge of to investor and partner, cut company action to must follow contracted principle firstly.

10 thousand divisions are to be opposite 8 of Shanghai dish after centering favourable sales promotion, join Hangzhou building city at the beginning of September " price war " , will come 14 days on September 3, 10 thousand divisions are right south Hangzhou egret county, egret county east, the city that ease tastes cabinet and glamour 4 buildings dish odd 436 flatlet source undertakes hitting losing sales promotion. Although sales promotion result is favorable, but the unsatisfactory that also caused the person that early days high price buys a house, assemble of the person that the part buys a house is mixed to place of office of Hangzhou of 10 thousand divisions the city sale spot of glamour asks to return a house.

Besides Hangzhou, the partial building that 10 thousand divisions are in Shanghai and Nanjing dish encounter the disturbance that return a house as much. 10 thousand divisions make public a response to say, the market is entered adjust period hind, the relationship between business of the development inside period of time and client appears really easily tight situation. 10 thousand divisions show: "The enterprise needs to endeavor to do the work really, strive for the loss that reduces both sides. From the point of the historical experience of 10 thousand divisions, face with the contradiction between old owner, the key depends on: The first, want active, cordial, affable ground and them to communicate; The 2nd, want hard to improve product and service quality, build good living atmosphere and life character, we believe what can win great majority old owner finally to approbate. " (He Qi)