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Property of Shanghai small sound runs software
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Property of Shanghai small sound runs software

Can satisfy common property company almost of business of management of major daily property " property is connected - general edition V8.0 " reflect each detail of property management each segment in whole system entirely, the working technological process that refines from inside industry management experience of 10 years and administrative level make whole system is tool of a government not just, the experience that also included a large number of domestic and international property to run a company at the same time and knowledge are accumulated, the user can experience to be familiar with in use process and novel informatization management environment, between branch and branch, the come-and-go that loaded down with trivial details needs no longer with the job between individual and individual, in coordination, efficient, convenient be informatization management is sufficient reflect.

" property is connected- general editionV8.0" apply to
The integrated property of apartment of village of property of the office building of onefold property type, mart, professional market, logistics, residence, hotel, student apartment manages;

" property is connected- general editionV8.0" include a function
Property resource manages
Finance affairs collects fees management
The client serves government
Engineering equipment manages (simple and easy)
Keep clean and afforest management
Security personnel and parking lot collect fees management
Storehouse management
Manpower resource manages
Systematic government

Informatization management helps force property and owner trend double win

Develop quickly in real estate today, "It is a center with owner " service concept already sadly arisen. Property manages this one ship to come noun, the spring breeze that borrowing reforming and opening from Hong Kong, Shenzhen all the way on north, obtain rapid development inside. The importance of property management is self-evident: To settling down person for, "Buy a house temporarily, housing generation " , establishment of degree of the wholesome environment of the village, safe state, afforest, form a complete set must consider; To investor, buys house property whether appreciate, besides situation, outside developing the rigid condition such as business, property management also is acting indispensable part as weak link.

Owner also realizes the value of property management in succession: The place is again good, the house is again fine, will manage without good property company, still cannot enjoy high quality life. But in reality, there is very big contradiction however between property management company and owner, all sorts of dispute lawsuit often also see all at signing up for end. A director that is engaged in property management for a long time once said so: In all industries, service line of business is the hardest, in serving industry, property management is the worst. She cited a simple case: Consumer shops to bazaar, have a meal to cafeteria which have the reason that does not pay? It is only in property management, it is OK that owner enjoyed a service land of one is assured and bold with justice does not pay. The word of this manager may have break biased, but react however go out to upright at present the awkward situation between property company and owner: The overhead expenses that owner hopes pay is less obtains the service with higher quality, and property company hopes to pass more collecting fees the value that perfect a service and makes oneself.
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