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System of software of Hua Bo of the division in Beijing
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System of software of Hua Bo of the division in Beijing


1. Company brief introduction


Limited company of science and technology of Hua Bo of the division in Beijing is to pursue the company of new and high technology that the industry software such as building land management board, estate, property management and intelligent card product develop technically, the guest head of a household that the company serves wants to include: Building land management board, village does, the village that company of estate development business, property management manages, office building, villatic, hotel, apartment. The circumference property management information system that the company develops passes appraisal of achievement of construction ministry science and technology formally already, it is the software product that takes the lead in passing this appraisal in congener product, and with did software copyright to register 2004.
The technical engineer that my company has a large number of perfectness networks, system, safety and software development, the software that has own intellectual property develops platform, will surely let you enjoy major, efficient, Shu Xin's technology serves. The technology that my company already offerred professional IT to seek advice from machine software to develop framework for well-known company of much home home supports, have rich outside bag executive experience and abundant technical force, can make you dedicated the development at oneself business, make your turn back does not have care.

Company product line summarizes:
Regard area of garden of ZhongGuanCun science and technology as company of new and high technology, below the HBIS product line that the company owns own intellectual property and this product line several industries use a product, the product that HBIS product line has released includes:

■ building land management information system ■ building file management information system
■   of   of property management information system ■ all of estate sale management information system
■ system of information of house property buying operation ■ management information system of client natural resources
■   of   of OA system   ■ equipment coding management information system

Characteristic of product line technology: Use the network with advanced international to develop a technology, compositive a variety of technologies such as browser, server and large database, my company developed the general and fast software that is based on Dot Net to develop framework (NGSDF) , this development frame supports an user to define development oneself, can shrink to found and be carried out put solution offerred the quickest way.
   2. property software is summarized
Does property manage the current situation and existence problem?
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