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Management information system of fine code property (J3 PMS)
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Management information system of fine code property (J3 PMS)

Property management system (PMS)

Management information system of fine code property (J3 PMS) is dimensions changes the basis, collectivize developing is large and medium-sized property management company " dimensions turns carry of development, dispersive battalion, concentration management " demand characteristic, manage with property, rent manage, client service business is core, center group and branch of its subordinate function, branch and each district management to be in unified work platform, implementation resource is shared, work in coordination. Strengthen company headquarters to be opposite at the same time of subordinate orgnaization supervise, the management that is an enterprise and decision-making the informatization management that provides collect Chinese style, enhance company core competition ability, can last what support an industry development.

Functional characteristic

→ leads decision-making support function
The system broke the limitation that traditional branch becomes independent and the district between the subsidiary inside the group disperses, for the enterprise the leader offers to master group company, each branch, each property in time to manage the information processing platform that is in business panorama, comprehensive forms for reporting statistics collects general function.

→ is had comprehensive, powerful define a function oneself, support governs all sorts of property types
The property of all sorts of high-grade residence, commerce, office building types in supportive government, collect fees formidably administrative function, collect fees in finance affairs go up to satisfy all sorts of collecting fees neatly project and standard, supportive bank collection, cash, imprest and much money are planted etc capture fare means. Can realize interface with software of existing mainstream financial management, achieve the unifinication administration that capital sheds thereby.

→ is compositive the business that rent and bazaar management function
Develop and manage of commercial real estate, already became an industry to develop new trend. Shop of compositive office building, business, bazaar runs the system business government function, pass interface program and popular POS system interface, capital of business of battalion of already of comprehensive management other people flows. Pass unifinication compositive, realized property data, client (tenement, business door) the management, contract that rent, market government, the integral business such as management analysis governs a function, the system also can move independently.
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