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Property supervises trade case- - chamberlain property runs a company
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Property supervises trade case- - chamberlain property runs a company

Property company has " 3 difficult "

Charge closes hard on time
Owner difficult contact with
Spending falls hard
Same, chamberlain property also is facing such problem, also be to exhaust the brains, pass the friend's introduction finally, chose " the client comes " .
Chamberlain property is passed " the client comes " the incoming telegram plays screen function, owner telephones, all information that computer can give this owner from move (include a full name, a few a few, be engaged in interest of what job, interest waiting a moment) , start to talk thereby can accurate the name that makes an owner, the bagatelle of enthusiastic a few housework that cares owner and the progress circumstance that XX works are waited a moment. Pull thereby close also the distance between owner. Through " the client comes " , chamberlain property returns the happening of a when avoid malign accident, one day, after the phone puts through, hear only " help! " with respect to hang up phone, wiring personnel basis " the client comes " indication data, homes of a few a few Mr Zhang gentlemen call understanding arrives, there is a little girl in the home, made a report immediately, the security personnel personnel of chamberlain property dispatchs immediately, in Mr Zhang home capture lived gangster, rescued little girl, there are any pecuniary losses in the home. From pick up the telephone to check gangster, still do not exceed 5 minutes of time. Showed chamberlain property extremely roughly major and efficient, "The client comes " contribution also result cannot do not have.

Through " the client comes " , chamberlain property uses what short message platform releases relevant charge to capture an announcement, make administrator comes out from the trival disengagement in urging the general affairs such as the paragraph from door to door. Administration fee of owner pay property and cost of water and electricity inform to wait for charge through short message platform in company of specific time property. Be like: "Owner of ** village ** , hello! Ask you to make pay in time the charge such as the property cost this month and water charge of electricity, the time that make pay is day of * month * , thank your collaboration! Thank your collaboration!!
For with good communication channel is established between resident, chamberlain property sends the beatific language of owner birthday, holiday to reach all sorts of sweet clew. Be like: "Respectable *** owner hello! Weather is choppy today, ** time has rain afternoon, the attention when going out please is prevented cold, carry good umbrella, involve window of the door in good home and water, report, gas switch, wish you go out everything is successful! Wish you go out everything is successful!!
The feedback of owner, proposal, complain information chamberlain property to accomplish collect in time reach a reply. Be like: "*** owner of respect! The problem with the slack conduit in the home that you mirror, department of maintenance of our property management has learned, the member that we will send the overhaul inside 10 minutes comes to undertake maintaining, ask you not to go out, thank your collaboration! Thank your collaboration!!
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