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[Download] computer of property management company manages a solution
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Computer of property management company manages a solution [download]

One, choose to use scale according to company condition

Stand-alone is used

The miniature property in suiting runs a company or the attempt launchs the company that computer informatization runs, through computer management the village property data and resident archives, property that print collects fees credential, payment notice is odd, use computer manages belongings course of study to collect fees data, statistic of facilitating data inquiry, debt is urged close, be helpful for improving company image, normative company business manages.

The local area network is used 

The property precinct that reachs above scale waits in suiting, the management place of the enterprise is in a place centrally, all computers that participate in use property software are centered inside a local area network. The post such as archives management, financial gathering, manager management is apart, each its duty, manage strictly according to normative flow. Can configure database server alone, also can configure taller computer to hold concurrently with do database server.

•Wide area newwork is used

The management place that fits a business is in different place dispersedly (have many precinct) , every place can go up ADSL or broadband (must be same operation business is offerred) , and bandwidth is in 1M or 1M above, the database is in headquarters or the place with use more computer centrally. Database server asks: Above of 2.6G of CPU P Ⅳ , memory 512M above, install Windows 2000 Server, SQL 2000 Server beforehand.

2, main function module

(1)Data management: Precinct data, house property data, client data, turn over check and accept, house property is big in long;

(2)Financial management: Collect fees management, charge is typed, bill management, debt is urged close, inquiry of bill management, receipt, expenses administration, salary government;

(3)The management that rent: The price that rent, Rent register, the inquiry that rent, rent remind, retreat hire the management, forms for reporting statistics that rent

(4)Routine: Culture of equipment archives, security personnel management, parking lot management, environmental sanitation management, community, stock management, newspaper is long management, fixed assets, paid service, client is complained, fire control management;

(5)Administration works: Documentation of personnel file, data, memorandum;

(6)Statistical forms for reporting statistics: House property forms for reporting statistics, client forms for reporting statistics, financial forms for reporting statistics, comprehensive forms for reporting statistics.
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