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Acme property runs a system
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Acme property runs a system Limited company of software of Shenzhen city acme is the software of business base platform that devotes oneself to to carry sacrificial vessel to have own intellectual property, and the company of runs software new and high technology that is based on development of business base platform. Acme company held water 2005, headquarters is located in the edifice of century of the Milky Way of area of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing, many partner is had in countrywide each district.

Acme company is the software firm with banner technology. Acme company is on the foundation that accumulates experience of old research and development, the platform of acme business base that is based on development of Microsoft.Net technology to go out to have good support to Internet application. Platform of acme business base can develop a function not only perfect, interface is beautiful, and the administrative software with function and very tall stability, at the same time the design thought of its model drive, the expansibility that makes the product has height and can safeguard a gender, can undertake expand and be adjustmented according to the demand apace of the user, make product function gets used to an user adequately to need, realize the perfect union of business flow and IT.

Acme company faces ISV not only (independent software develops business) with SI (the system is compositive business) provide the business base platform that owns own intellectual property, still face final user to provide mature administrative software. Acme company is offerred include financial management system, supply catenary government system, handle official bussiness in coordination system and the many management software that property runs a system inside, these administrative software all are based on acme business base to platform is developed and be become, because this product function is mixed,technical framework has advanced sex of height.

Acme company has seasoned research and development and service group, have much name to be engaged in the senior talented person that large-scale software research and development works for a long time, rich development experience and deep knowledge are accumulated, can provide long-term, all-around support for client and partner. Acme company carries its research and development and service group, and many partner, the numerous client that is countrywide each district provides excellent service.

Acme company is held to " creation acme software, build good future in all " business purpose, be accumulated with ceaseless knowledge and technical innovation is progressive motive force, offer the most outstanding product kimono Wu for client and partner, grow jointly with client and partner, build good future jointly.

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