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Red apple property runs software system
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Red apple property manages property of software system red apple to run software system
  • Systematic applicable at the local area network, a variety of network environments such as VPN network or stand-alone are used.
  • Tens of homes such as the sea in be based on, Hua Run are large the administrative model of property management company, the property with advanced suit manages need of client of concept, suit.
  • Run business of two big core with property (financial, customer service) for the center, at the same time the business such as storeroom of give attention to two or morethings, garage, equipment.
  • Intelligence is changed processing, goofy turn an operation, work efficiency twice rises.
  • Close user experiences.
  • Powerful and meticulous attributive manages, the person that let every use each is in his proper place.
  • Perfect data security solution, your data is OK have nothing worry about.
  • High flexibility, help you answer sundry difficult problem easily.
Core business 1: Financial

  • Cover from open an account, build Zhang, capture, urge the business of whole technological process such as capture, statistic, forms for reporting statistics.
  • Collect fees course (collect fees namely) multistage (group - precinct - owner) custom-built.
  • One key opens an account, one key does Zhang, zhang of a year is OK make entirely inside a few minutes, convenient and quick.
  • Below the premise that abides by financial institution, the Zhang that has done can be adjusted neatly, face policy sex change and other to break out incident leisurely.
  • Complete trouble-free stage Zhang collects fees, owner can pay the either part fee in either pen Zhang.
  • Provide special fund for every owner special close beforehand account and general control account beforehand, make property OK provide more excellent service for owner.
  • Provide remarks to sell collect fees and stage Zhang returns cost function, do not let a minor neglect affect your mood.
  • Daily, period newspaper, annals, capture rate analysis, already the statistic that owe cost and gathering credit analysis, analysis, this period receive the current year he year wait for function of statistical forms for reporting statistics, those who be you is decision-making provide strong basis, make you right working state be clear at a glance.
  • Powerful data manipulation and processing capability, if window of aleatoric condition inquiry, aleatoric sort, data is broken up, show implicit, data is compressed, formulation batch processing, let you be in the data of numerous and jumbled do a job with skill and ease.
  • The capture that defines type oneself expends advice note, let your property extraordinary.
Core business 2: Customer service

  • The management that includes owner archives material, customer service is accepted (complain, the newspaper is repaired, take especially, ask ask to wait) , the chart of the pay a return visit of the knot sheet of sheet of the knot of of short duration of the clique sheet of project task sheet, work sheet, work, work sheet and data is analysed (be like.
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