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Function of software of domestic home property introduces
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Function of software of domestic home property introduces

Functional introduction

1, resource management
※ record precinct, building, floor, room and water and electricity express electric basic message
※ can manage many villages or building at the same time, every operator can see the precinct of accredit only
※ but batch makes floor and room, utmost reduces the workload of initialization

2, human affairs management
※ establishs part and record of personnel personnel matters by precinct
Member of data of resume of ※ record employee, salary, family, groom record of record, rewards and punishment
※ can upload the registering photograph of employee

3, the management that buy a house
※ records the basic message of the contract that buy a house and owner
※ records unit price of carry out floor and total prices
※ saves full text of the contract that buy a house

4, management of join the gang
※ records the information such as cost of owner check building, pay, join the gang
When building of ※ collect check check and accept record and pay cost record

5, enter government
※ records every detailed case that joins staff
※ can be pressed often live personnel, shack personnel classification
※ can inquire the history enters the case of personnel
※ can upload the photograph of personnel

6, rental management
※ is recorded every time hack is detailed amount of information and hire unit price, hire
※ records the information of tenant
※ records rental contract full text

7, water any meter for measuring electricity is typed
※ records degree of every water meter of every months, ammeter
※ is offerred type means quickly, the workload that bring down data types, improve work efficiency
When ※ types data, when this month reading and go up when phase of the moon is bigger than difference, the system can hint automatically, avoid to type a mistake
※ bears a many watch, and every are expressed can give the cost that month according to different rate business accounting
※ can handle contrary to reason or one's expectation of water any meter for measuring electricity, change the special condition such as watch and out of service
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