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Nuo of essence of life " property management V2.0 "
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Nuo of essence of life " property management V2.0 "

Nuo of essence of life " property management V2.0 " it is to include property to collect fees, the function such as human affairs salary, storage management, village management manages company and property management to handle routine solution at the property of an organic whole, realized the administrative application with financial, human affairs and all-around goods and materials. And each module function already but compositive use, also can use independently respectively; This software manages the village daily medium all sorts of collecting fees undertake be arranginged scientificly with classification, collect fees in aggrandizement administrative function while, do one's best makes of software become better day by day easily with gender and function of village assisted management.

The product applies to: The of all kinds property such as management of shop of residential village, office building, business, industrial district runs a company.

Product characteristic

Random is added, the definition collects fees type of project support a flight of stairs collects fees
Supportive client manages electrovalency of supportive time-sharing ammeter in group
Support all commercial banks to delimit paragraph (the couplet that contain silver) support is expressed more
Supportive much money is planted, much means settle accounts is printed from the definition collect fees requisition
Support beforehand gathering account management can guide long-range and automatic copy a watch
Intelligence changes apportion intelligence to change daily use guide
Interface affable, operation is convenient individuation uses a convention

Normative business flow: Collect fees data types → of examine and verify of → computation → beforehand gathering delimits paragraph → bank delimits paragraph → cash collects fees → makes etc of → of carry forward of → of proof → automatic chalk it up automatically.

Person, money, content manages unifinication, finance affairs and business information are shared, property collects fees the receipt creates accountant evidence automatically, reduced financial personnel workload; Strengthened the management to equipment of goods and materials and cost accounting at the same time, improve efficiency of village general management.

Powerful inquiry and analysis: It is to press room occasional to belong to month inquiry to collect fees by charge place no matter data, right still an account receivable, already received credit, did not receive account and fine for delaying payment to be able to inquire quickly with collect. For example:
Inquiry C_705 came in April 2003 the receivable money September 2003;
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