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Shenzhen government sector is urgent make stop development business to be practi
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Urgent make stop development business to be practice of filling price difference of the person that buy a house

Eve, still partial owner gathers in the building dish before should return a house. According to " Guangzhou daily "

Open quotation price every square metre 20 thousand yuan, after 3 months all price is steep fell 16 thousand yuan, "Bought a room early to become early be in an unfavorable situation " , to building of government office of Dan Hua of · of peaceful of this Shenzhen mulberry dish development business was made take nearly 30 million yuan to be opposite old owner " sum filling price difference " acceptance, cause an in an uproar of building city.

Yesterday (on October 14) the reporter learns, this action already by branch of Shenzhen municipal government urgent make stop, and the acceptance of partial filling price difference also did not cash. To this, speak bluntly of legal group public figure, this is the sales promotion method that development business coverts one kind, fill with do not fill to all have nothing to do with law, warn customer " buy a building to also have a risk, investment wants discretion " .

Yesterday afternoon, be located in south Shenzhen city building of a mountainous area government office of Dan Hua of mulberry peaceful · dish cold and cheerless of sale center hall, only a citizen is in seek advice.

This building dish spot place line of business is advisory ever the gentleman tells a reporter, this building dish last year open quotation of the end of the year, open quotation all valence is 20 thousand yuan / square metre. On March 27, develop business general all valence is reduced reach 16 thousand yuan / square metre, valence is 13 thousand yuan since / square metre.