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Nanjing buys room allowance: 90 allowance 1% 90 makes the same score rice above
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90 allowance 1% 90 makes the same score rice above under smooth rice 0.5%

Half moon talks: Clairvoyant building town is small the government that confuses setting to fall " help city " controversy

Local government buys room allowance is to replacing development business to ask city data picture

The detailed rules of policy of Nanjing housing allowance that gets attention fully gave heat a few days ago, can enjoy subsidy clearly among them " the time that buy a house " -- bridal chamber is in charge of a branch to put on record to the room with buying room contract (namely card of ancient bronze mirror) date is accurate, secondhand the room accepts date to be with registering accurate.

The ground is new politics, came on October 1, 2008 during September 30, 2009, every buys this town general goods residence and secondhand of the room, all can enjoy housing allowance. What buy room area not to exceed 90 square metre among them, 1% what allowance amount is total house price; 90 square metre arrive between 144 square metre, 0.5% of price of governmental subsidy total house. Detailed rules is specific, total house price is the real pay amount on card of agree tax pay taxes.

The housing that this city asks to enjoy a room to stick must handle property right card inside formulary time, the synchronism when allowance is handling card extends. The intercrop when detailed rules buys the cut-off of room allowance to extending gives complement -- at latest is on December 31, 2012. The person that be like consign of house property delay or buy a house did not deal with property right to register before December 31, 2012, will not enjoy subsidy.

New politics get effect instantly. Data of the estate on this city net shows, 11 long holidays, commodity house subscribe presents the state that improves stage by stage. After long holiday passes, quantity of commodity house subscribe picks up stage by stage, subscribe quantity will be 206 on October 7, clinch a deal the quantity amounts to 115. Than 8, day all will clinch a deal in September the volume rises 2, 5 into. On October 10, violent wind of subscribe of this town house rises to odd-numbered days is highest this year -- 306.

The personage inside course of study points out, subscribe measures pick up with not little this month building dish the method such as open quotation, sales promotion is concerned, but also show confidence of the person that buy a house has certain level to pick up, new politics the effect will produce effect stage by stage, market of predicting later period goes situation still meet up-and-up.

After afterwards Nanjing, jiangsu old change also came on stage recently " the policy that develops about promoting central city real estate and trade sets " , rise next month, the citizen that this city will buy a house inside two years henceforth can obtain total house price at most the governmental finance allowance of 7% .
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